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Color is in the Eye of the Beholder

What color is a school bus, really? Do you remember the debate of the dress?  Back in February 2015, the internet lost its collective mind when a fairly straightforward question took the world by storm.  Accusations of insanity, disbelief, and Matrix-like manipulation of reality flew back and forth across the

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Photographers! Sell Your Photos Online with PhotoReflect

PhotoReflect is the simple solution for showing and selling your professional photos online. And now you can take advantage of an extended free trial!  Simply use promo code ISI2015 at PhotoReflect gives you your own online Storefront, which is a website specifically designed to proof and sell your photos,

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Blue or Green? – Chromakey Lighting 101

What a great week in Las Vegas at the first annual Photo Booth Expo.  Thanks to everyone who came by the Imaging Spectrum/Darkroom booth.  Also thanks who came to mine and Wally Carnes’ seminars.  Our seminar on chromakey photography went well but we had no way to get our pdf

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Location Printing & Photo Booths – Super 1 Day PPA Workshop

These days, everyone wants it now, coffee, food, entertainment, buying on line and getting your order delivered to the house. We don’t want to wait for anything and we love conveniences, photography is no different. Yes, not everything can be done at the speed people want, but if you are

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