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Take a Close Look at the All New Epson SureLab D1070


Offering reliable, high-performance printing, the SureLab D1070 puts you in control with breakthrough small-format productivity.

Despite the many changes in technology and the imaging industry, demand for compact, small format, lab quality printers continues to grow at an impressive pace.  With this in mind, Epson has launched the SureLab D1070 Professional Minilab Printer.  This new printer fits in the 8”x10” and smaller print space quite impressively with a modern solution that achieves maximum profitability. 

Additionally, this printer is capable of printing mural size prints up to 39” in length.  And, if that isn’t impressive enough, there will be a companion version of this printer capable of full duplex printing coming in the near future.  

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Matt’s knack for the use of inkjet applications including proofing, promotional goods and signage came from the advertising world, where he managed the print and broadcast accounts for several key corporate accounts. Over 20 years at Imaging Spectrum, his experience has broadened in the print industry and now heads up the inkjet team in providing thorough solutions for printing opportunities across several platforms.


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