DNP Goes Green

DNP Goes Green

DNP is transitioning to new eco-friendly packaging!

For a short period of time, you may see a mix of media with and without the new packaging depending on country of origin. Their goal is to eliminate the use of plastic packaging where possible by replacing those items with more sustainable materials. This change will initially apply to all DNP DS620A, DS820A, and QW410 media, including their specialty perforated and luxury media.

NOTE: There is no change to the media or ribbons.  Your kits will continue to load and print just like they did prior to the packaging change.

Here are some of the changes you can expect:


The paper plugs will be moved from the inner box flap to a cardboard insert.


  • The ink ribbon will now be wrapped in a sealed, eco-friendly brown paper bag instead of the current foam wrap.
  • An adhesive strip will secure the leader to the ribbon to prevent unwinding.
  • The lot number will be directly printed on both the ink ribbon leader and the eco-friendly brown paper bag.

Adhesive Strip Removal

To separate the leader from the ribbon, hold the ink supply ribbon spool in one hand and the take up core the spool in the other hand. Gently pull the adhesive strip away from the ink ribbon and insert the ribbon in the ribbon tray (or printer in the case of the QW410) as normal.


The paper roll will be wrapped with a paper sheet instead of a plastic bag.

DNP has shared with us that these changes will make a positive impact on the environment while maintaining the high quality packaging you expect from DNP.

Reminder: As always, please continue removing media from the printer when transporting the printer to protect the internal mechanisms of the printer. 

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