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Introducing New Epson Poster Paper Production Media

Epson Poster Paper Production offers sharp detail and brilliant colors that dry instantly, this lightweight paper with a low-glare satin finish is perfect for team sports posters, back to school promotions, marketing signage and more, all at a very economical price point; $.20 /sq ft! This paper is very easy

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Color is in the Eye of the Beholder

What color is a school bus, really? Do you remember the debate of the dress?  Back in February 2015, the internet lost its collective mind when a fairly straightforward question took the world by storm.  Accusations of insanity, disbelief, and Matrix-like manipulation of reality flew back and forth across the

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Why You Should Check Out the New Epson Proofing Papers

This new paper offers the widest color gamut available to provide accurate color reproduction, an essential element in successful proofing and color matching applications. Many of our proofing companies, commercial houses, and marketing customers have switched to the new Epson Standard Proofing Paper Premium in the past few months with

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Rebate Offer on the New Epson Legacy Papers

Updated: this offer has been extended through July 31, 2016! The ancient Egyptians had papyrus. Medieval scholars had vellum. Renaissance artists had parchment. And now, you have Epson Legacy papers. Introducing four new papers from Epson, engineered to conform to the highest standards of centuries old papermaking. Acid and lignin

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