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Customer Profile – Coupralux Art Printing Services

As a member of the inkjet team at Imaging Spectrum, I’m fortunate to work with a number of skilled and dedicated artists, printers, and photographers every day. Based in Dallas and led by the inimitable Katy Parker, Coupralux Art Printing Services maintains its standing as one of the preeminent art reproduction ateliers in the country. I am always delighted to partner with them, whether as a former employee, a sales representative/consultant from Imaging Spectrum, and as an artist. Coupralux has been one of our customers for a long time, and Imaging Spectrum is proud to support their mission of creating exceptional reproductions of fine art and photographic artworks.

We hope you enjoy this video presentation as we follow a piece of artwork (my painting “Cloudburst”) from original art to completed fine art reproduction on canvas. If you would like to see more artwork, visit Moose Pants Studio to browse my latest works.

Joanna Zeller Quentin

To learn more about art reproduction, Epson wide format printers and inkjet media, call Imaging Spectrum at 214-342-9290 and ask for an inkjet specialist or email

Inkjet specialist in fine art reproduction and large scale printing.


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