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DNP DS40 2×6 Photobooth Test Drive

DNP DS40 Photobooth Printer 2x6 strip

Last week I was able to get the DS40 2×6 driver release candidate and the Firmware 1.30 to make 2-2×6 strips on the DNP DS40.  I used a DS40 upgraded to the 1.30 firmware in our photo booth at the wedding we were photographing.  It worked flawlessly.

The problem with getting the update released has not been with the driver or the firmware but the fact that the printer was not designed to print a 2×6 strip.  In DNP tests the strips do NOT fall from the printer 1% of the time (in other words, they DO fall correctly 99% of the time).  The biggest problem with that is it can cause the cutter to jam if the strip is still in the machine when the cutter comes across for the next cut.  It can cause a jam and possibly damage the cutter.

The DNP solution is the new cutter guide and Firmware upgrade available for $65 from ISI. Read more about having Imaging Spectrum upgrade your printer here.

Bill Vahrenkamp, Cr.Photog., leads technical operations at Imaging Spectrum.


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