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Fuji Frontier DX100 DryLab Printer Support Page Welcome to the Imaging Spectrum Fujifilm Frontier DX100 Support Page. We will continue to update this page with information to help you get the most out of your Fujifilm DX100 DryLab photo printer.

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You must register your DX100 printer with Fujifilm You must perform an initial ink charge Please note that it can take up to 45 minutes to charge the lines of a new DX100. Interrupting this process indicated by a blinking blue light on the front of the printer could cause damage to the printer. Once the blue light on the front of the printer stops blinking the printer is ready for use.

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Tips from the Imaging Spectrum Technical Support Team:

  • When unloading the paper, use the gray cogwheel to back the paper out
  • When loading inks, make sure they lock in place (they are spring-loaded). If they don’t lock in place you have the wrong ink in the wrong slot.
  • When loading paper make sure the gray spindle is on the left side of the paper roll and the black spindle is on the right side of the roll, feed paper down into the printer until the blue light comes on.
  • You will have to register the printer before loading the print driver (you are registering the printer to a particular computer, and you don’t need an internet connection.)
  • After registering the printer then you will need to load the Maintenance utility and follow with loading the printer driver.
  • It is common for up to half the ink tanks and most of the maintenance cartridge to be utilized in the first charging of the printer.
  • If you experience banding please run the print head cleaning feature.
  • Always remove the paper before transporting the printer. If the paper is not removed you risk damaging the paper sensor. If the paper sensor is damaged the DX100 will not recognize the paper and will error out.
Imaging Spectrum offers free support for our regular customers. If you purchased your Fujifilm Frontier DX100 from Imaging Spectrum and need assistance, please give us a call and we'll set up a tech support call-back ticket for you at 800-342-9294 You can also leave a question in the comment field below and we will get you an answer.
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