Epson S-Series Eco-Solvent vs. Latex Printers

Epson S-Series Eco-Solvent vs. Latex Printers
When you compare Epson SureColor S-Series Eco-Solvent printers to Latex printers, efficiency is key.

Seems today when customers are looking to get into a printer for large format signage and outdoor applications, the question arrives whether to go with an Eco-Solvent or Latex printer?

While both have their advantages, we here at Imaging Spectrum highly recommend the Epson SureColor S-Series Eco-Solvent printers over Latex models for three very important reasons: Productivity, Total Cost of Ownership and Superior Image Quality.

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Productivity SC_S60600_2The Epson SureColor® S-series Solvent printers have shown to outperform Latex printers in speed production at similar pass modes when printing vinyl banners and onto canvas. This is especially proven with the high production Epson S60600 64” printer with banner speeds at 550 sqft/hour, almost 1.5X faster than equivalent Latex models out there!

In addition, the roll-to-roll accuracy on the Epson S-series allows media to feed precisely the first time compared to latex machines which tend to have inferior loading mechanisms, leading to added wasted time.

But the biggest component of the Epson SureColor S-series printers that sets it apart from the rest is being the first solvent printer to offer same-day lamination that is 75% faster than other solvent competitors, dispelling the theory that you have to wait at least 24 hours to off-gas.

All of this produces faster turnaround times on print jobs that meet the constant, high demands of customers to get them something quick and accurate.

Total Cost of Ownership  width=Latex inks might come off at a slightly better cost per ml individually, but when considering the picture as a whole, owning an Epson SureColor S-series printer saves you more money in the long run.

This is mostly due to Latex printers carrying a slightly higher ink cost per sqft (5 cents) and other costs such as additional printheads when needed, and higher electricity rates due to latex requiring more heat to cure.

In addition, Epson offers a Rewards Program to its customers to earn points back off consumables that can lead to big discounts or even free extended warranties. When these get added up, the Epson SureColor S-series is a better investment in the long term.

Superior Image Quality  width=And finally, the most glaring advantage of the Epson SureColor S-series printers vs Latex is the Image Quality, there is no comparison. With Epson’s PrecisionCore TFP Print Head technology and variable droplet capability versus Latex’s thermal print head, the vibrant accuracy of color and detail is unmatched to the flat images that Latex machines tend to produce.

The Epson SureColor S80600 printer is a true test to that containing a wide color gamut of 9-inks, including Red and Orange, and the option for White or Silver Metallic. The result is offering you one of the largest Pantone Color Coverage out there for the best spot color matching.

Be sure to see our line of Ultraflex Solvent Media. One more theory to dispel on the solvent is that it is not environmentally friendly, which is simply not true. There is no special ventilation required to run the Epson SureColor S-series printers and Epson’s Ultrachrome GS3 inks have the same GreenGuard Gold “full room” certification as Latex inks.

Want to see the Epson S-Series Printers in action or have questions? Call an inkjet specialist today at 214-342-9290 to schedule a demo and we’ll be happy to show you why Epson Solvent is the way to go!

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