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The Top 9 Printers for Your Photo Booth

There is a new version of this article, please see The Top 9 Printers for Your Photo Booth 2017.

From customer feedback, we have found it helps to explain printer options to our customers by using product classes or categories. In general terms, it helps to narrow down what may or may not fit your needs.

With new photo booth printers coming to market in 2015, there are more options than ever when it comes to choosing the perfect printer for your booth business. Whether you are upgrading, searching for features to up-sell to your clients, or even buying your first printer, we do our best to test the products and help you make the right decision.

The Wireless Class

HiTi P520L
HiTi P520LWe really enjoyed having this printer in our hands the last few months before it hit the market. We love the fact that Hiti has put a LCD to the front panel of the printer to allow the user to check print counts on the fly. The printer is super easy to load (front loading) and is a reasonable size for its 500 count 4×6 print yield per roll. You can print via USB or use the WiFi dongle for wireless print options. We like the fact that the wireless functionality is easy to set up (emphasis on easy) and allows you to print wirelessly from your computer or phone camera using the HiTi printing app (available free for iPhone or Android). The printer also has the option to connect a card reader allowing you to print from your camera’s storage card which can be a huge benefit for event companies that also shoot outside of the booth. If wireless is your thing, then this is the printer to have.
Watch a product overview video of the HiTI P520L.

The Economy Class

Mitsubishi CP-K60DW
Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Photo booth printerMitsubishi designed the CP-K60DW-S to be used as a photo booth printer. It’s not the fastest printer out there but it is fast enough and it has some very cool features. The K60 is compact so it’s great for smaller photo booth builds. Much like its big brother the CP70, the K60 is solid with a metal body. Front loading makes changing the media out a very simple operation. One of our favorite features of this printer is that it can make a square 6×6 inch print. This feature has been popular with event photographers and now it is starting to catch on with some photo booth companies allowing users to offer Instagram style prints.

Sinfonia Shinko CS2 Photo Printer S6145You have heard me say before that what I like about this model is the fact that Sinfonia did not sacrifice quality with the build. The outer shell of the printer is very durable considering the weight of the printer. This is the perfect fit for photo booth designs that require a small footprint. The CS2 photo printer is currently one of the best value buys in the economy class given its robust design. It is also one of the lightest weight printers on the market.

DNP DSRX1 Photo Printer
The DSRX1 remains unique relative to weight and size in its class. This unique personality makes this printer a popular choice with photo booth builders. If you are into high capacity printers then this is a solid choice. It can output 700 4Ă—6 prints on a single roll before it needs to be reloaded. Usually printers with this kind of capacity are bulky and heavy, however, the DSRX1 is only 30 pounds.

The Performance Class

DNP DS40 Photo PrinterIf you are willing to spend the extra money for a best of class product, the DNP DS40 photo printer is an excellent choice. This printer has proven to be a champion in terms it ability to take a beating on the road, as well as having exceptional print head life. Read about one of the most compelling testimonials about the DS40 photo printers quality.  With the DS40 you can also print to social media sized perforated paper opening opportunities to create new products for your customers.

DNP DS620DNP recently introduced this model and we were lucky to be one of the first here in the U.S. market to test it. The first thing we noticed is it has a slightly smaller footprint than the DS40. So if you are trying to save on space this may be the printer for you.

DNP has also included a 3-year Advanced Exchange Warranty with the purchase. DNP has improved its printer driver on this model, which will allow users to check remaining media, media format, printer status, printer life counter, color control data, firmware version and serial number. This driver change is a dramatic improvement over other DNP printer drivers.

Mitsubishi CPD70DW
Mitsubishi CPD70DW Photo PrinterWhat I like about the CPD70DW photo printer is its ability to be used inside and outside of the photo booth. For event photographers using Darkroom Core or Darkroom Professional Software in a traditional event workflow, the speed and processing power keep the lines from getting too long. If you are working with Darkroom Booth software in your photo booth, the CPD70DW’s small footprint and stability make it an excellent choice.

Dual Media Printers

Brava-21The Brava 21 Dual Media photo and sticker printer continues to gain momentum as booth owners look for unique output options. Dual media printers can print high quality photo prints just like the other printers in this article, however, they can also print photo quality stickers. That’s right, with a change of the paper you can print photos with a peel away sticker backing. Great for the bride’s memory book, no glue needed. Some companies  provide their customers with memory boards; attendees peel the back off one of the strips and stick it on a decorated board. Stickers are also a great marketing tool for branding and promotions.

Get Sample Prints

If you are having trouble deciding on a printer; please contact us for sample prints. This is a service Imaging Spectrum has been providing to our customers for years. Sample prints are a great way to let you experience the quality of different printers first hand. Click here to request sample prints. Feel free to give our photo booth team a call if you would like to learn more about these printers or Darkroom Booth Software. 800-342-9294

Steve has over 30 years of professional imaging industry experience and is Sales Manager at Imaging Spectrum.


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