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DNP DS40 Photo Printer Nears 200,000 Prints!

Remember those ads for Toyota that showed the proud owner in front of their car or truck with hundreds of thousands of miles on it. Well, we had a similar experience recently with a photo printer.

A customer recently brought in one of his DNP DS40 Photo Printers into our shop. When Ronnie ran the print utility on this printer he was amazed to see a print count of 195,017. Jay Jones, the owner of the printer, told us he’s never really had any issues with the printer and that it is still going strong. We’re not saying that every DNP DS40 is going to hit 200k, but this is a great testimony as to the durability of this printer.

DNP DS40 with 200,000 prints

Do you have any high mileage photo printer stories? Please share by commenting below.

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