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New Shinko – Sinfonia CS2 Now in Stock

Now In Stock – the Sinfonia (Shinko) CS2 Compact Photo Printer Sinfonia, also known as Shinko, has been building reliable, durable photo printers for years for the likes of Kodak and other kiosk manufacturers. Shinko also markets their printers as stand-alone solutions for on-site event photography, photobooth and studio applications.

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Shinko Printers Change Name to Sinfonia

Shinko, Kanematsu, KG ProPhoto, Sinfonia – say what? “That which we call a rose…” right? When Imaging Spectrum first started selling Shinko printers, our customers would ask “Who is Shinko, I’ve never heard of them.” The answer was and is, Shinko has been making incredibly fast and durable printers for

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