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DNP QW410 Firmware Upgrade Gives You New Print Sizes

Known as “The Cube,” the DNP QW410 is perfect for photo booth operators, event photographers, and ID photo solutions.

And now with a new firmware update, the QW410 now has new exciting print sizes!

Current Print Sizes

With 4×6” media: 4×6″, 4×4″, 3-2×4”
With 4.5×8” media: 4.5×8″, 4.5×4.5″, 4-2×4.5”
With 4×6” perforated media: 2-2×6”

New Added Print Sizes*

With 4×6” media: 1- 4×3” and 4×4.5
With 4.5×8” media:  4.5×3”, 4.5×4” and 4.5×6”

*New print sizes are supported after installing QW410 v1.10 firmware and updated printer driver,

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Bill Vahrenkamp, Cr.Photog., leads technical operations at Imaging Spectrum.


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