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Use SEO to Boost Traffic to Your Business Website

Now more than ever it is important to have a strong web presence for your business. 

Why is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  Important?

  • Get found in Google
  • Get hyper targets leads
  • Better quality customers and higher quantity

We are going to break it down In 3 parts below:

1 – Technical SEO

Your website hosting is important. I use Siteground for all my website hosting. You want a hosting company that is easy, reliable and fast! Within the hosting you have your platform which WordPress is recommended to by us with 409 million people viewing pages. It’s the leading platform. When you talk about WordPress you’re talking about over 75 million websites generated.

But what is Technical SEO? It’s known as the technical aspects in a website to increase the ranking of the pages in the search engines. Making the website easier to crawl, website faster, and understandable for Google or other search engines to understand and optimize.

You want your website as visible to any search engine out there and you want to rank for the number one for that search term.

Siteground will offer “Virtual Private Server” (VPS) hosting or premium hosting (which is more affordable).  VPS is on a private server which in the end you’re on a shared server, but a slice of it is shared just for you. A shared server will be the most basic hosting you can find. Sharing a server means that there are multiple websites shared on a web server. The more websites it has the easier way to get hacked into your website. It’s only popular because it’s cheap and easy to maintain. You run a high risk by not being on a VPS.

Keep your domain simple! I continually see people making this mistake frequently. They create a domain they can’t remember or even know how to spell themselves. Make sure it’s easy to spell and memorable if possible. Don’t try to write a sentence for your domain. To more complex a domain is, the higher chance that your potential customer won’t be able to find you.

2 – On-site SEO

Page speed is how fast content on your website loads. Each page within your website has content. Each page needs to be configured properly. You can use Google Page Speed or other websites that offer a report on your website. Highly recommended when trying to optimize your page because it provides performance and data on each page to go back and make those changes.

Internal links within your website you have different links. For instance maybe a green screen link or a gallery link. When creating blogs and articles on your website it’s great to talk about the service or product you have and link it to your page that you are cross marketing. Not only is it easy for the user who is reading the article to find the link that you’re referencing, but the search engines will recognize your internal link which helps with your SEO.

Meta Tags will be the description of the website page, it goes right under the title. If you’re talking about GIF Booth in Dallas under that title will be your meta tag which will correlate to your description of service you’re providing. 

H1 tags are essential when creating your website. It’s typically the main title of the paragraph in a website. It’s almost as if you were highlighting the main word in the paragraph you wrote. It focuses and helps engine optimization.

Caching or cached data is information stored in your computer. It’s always good to go to your computer once a week to clear your cache information.

Consistent blogging, with new information every week. There is no reason why not to have a blog at least one every week. Decide on a topic, brainstorm 2 weeks in advance and knock them out. This way you have fresh blogs once a week on your website. This is vital for ranking for key terms.

Keywords research is important, you will need to know what keywords you want to rank for; either local or national. Local is always easier to rank because it’s a local term like Photo Booth Rock Wall the competitiveness is very low. Now if you’re trying to rank for Photo Booth Texas or Green Screen Photo Booth well those keywords are more broad and take more time to rank. Not to mention more difficult.

3 – Backlinks

You’ll want to focus on creating high quality content,  if you take anything from this blog it has to be backlinks – quality over quantity. You want to have content that goes with your service. Having those backlinks and linking to your website is critical. When someone creates a backlink for you it has to be appropriate to what you want to focus the reader on. You don’t want the reader to end up talking about horses when you were trying to tell them about the photo booth services. Why would they have a reason now to click on your backlink? Make sure content that is 100% about your brand.

You might be asking yourself how to get high quality backlinks. There are actually many quality backlinks you can buy. Alternatively, you can never go wrong with asking companies to create a blog for you. You can offer an exchange of a service or exchange blog for a blog. 

As you continue to work on your website it’s extremely vital that you keep your website up to date. Ensure that the images you have on your website are clear and crisp, avoid pixelated images. I also recommend you take a look at any older content that is from several years ago, make sure to update it to keep your website fresh and relevant. Especially physical location, hours of operation and services.

Furthermore, always, always, look for domains higher than 20 DA. Why? A High Domain Authority website will help you get more traffic, because a DA of 20 is your average website DA. Anything above 20 DA is amazing. Always try to get or buy domains with high authority. It will help you rank for those keywords at a fast rate.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask your clients or partners for backlinks. Have a good relationship with those who you make business with. It’s rare to get denied a backlink for your clients or partners. It’s almost a guarantee.

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