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Customer Profile: Big Shot Photo Group

I am very excited to tell you about a great success story; Big Shot Photo Group

We spoke with Kim Deimling, owner of Big Shot Photo Group, located in Park City, Utah. Here is her story.

Tell us about your background

I started my business in 2013 after buying into a photo booth franchise. I was among the first 10 or so franchisees who took a leap of faith with a brand new company. After five years, I decided to strike out on my own. I did extensive research and decided to go with a Snap Pic booth, DNP DS620 printer, and Darkroom Booth software.

What is your vision?

Creating a fantastic experience for our clients and their guests is what made us successful then, and it’s the foundation for what is jump-starting our success now. I am 100% committed to making our clients feel loved and appreciated before, during and after each event.

From left to right; Jeremy Allen White, Shanola Hampton, and Steve Howey, actors from popular 2011 tv series "Shameless"
Jeremy Allen White, Shanola Hampton, and Steve Howey, from the TV series, “Shameless”

Tell us about an event you’re especially proud of

I’m especially proud and excited about the buzz generated from our Sundance Film Festival event with Showtime promoting their hit series, “Shameless.” Members of the cast stopped by the booth and took photos with us and a few lucky guests. We used the DRB3 green screen technology to impose 5 different “Shameless” set shots. Steve Howey, Jeremy Allen White, and Shanola Hampton all commented on the amazing experience both in person and on social media. We hear positive comments at every event, but to hear it from three professionals who make a living in front of the camera, left me feeling proud beyond measure.

How do you feel about working with Imaging Spectrum and Darkroom Software?

I can always count on Imaging Spectrum to supply everything I need from printers to printer supplies and great support when I need it. And I’ll admit, I was really scared to learn and implement new software. But after a lot of practice and a few free events, I gained confidence and grew to love it! I was floored with the improved photo quality and ease of operation. We saw better depth-of-field, clarity, and focus. Wally and his support staff have been amazing to work with whenever I needed technical advice. I also appreciate the Darkroom Booth Facebook Users Group – makes me feel like I’m a part of a like-minded team again.

Feel inspired? Give me a call 214-342-9290 to learn how I can help you grow your photo booth business.


Steve has over 30 years of professional imaging industry experience and is Sales Manager at Imaging Spectrum.


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