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Customer Profile: Stokey’s VDub Photo Hub

Our customers love reminiscing about their VW Bus experiences, it makes us so happy.

IMG_3822For this profile we met Sharon and Brandon Stokey, owners of Stokey’s VDub Photo Hub. Here is their story.


Stokey’s VDub Photo Hub is a fully functioning photo booth within a VW Bus. Step in, sit down, say “cheese”, and just 8 seconds later your 2 photo strips are handed to you by one of our friendly booth attendants.

Ruby’s (the VDub Photo Hub) interior decor pays tribute to the Florida of the past with vintage postcards and brochures dating back to 1968. With new bamboo headliner, new flooring, new upholstered seats, and new curtains- she’s ready to roll.

Ruby is also versatile; she makes the best back drop for group photos or selfies.

IMG_9364Why do your customers love you?

Customers love the uniqueness of our photo booth. They enjoy that Ruby’s exterior makes a great photo prop for selfies. We are also known for our top-notch customer service. Our goal is to make people smile. Our customers love reminiscing about their VW Bus experiences, it makes us so happy.

Working with Imaging Spectrum

IMG_9089Imaging Spectrum has helped us in so many ways. From answering questions when we were in the process of buying our printer to helping us when we were having technical issues. One of the technical engineers stayed on the phone and walked me through setting up my printer in Darkroom. We are so thankful for Imaging Spectrum for helping us produce high quality photo prints.

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