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Introducing Fine Art Matte Paper for the Fujifilm DX100 printer

Fuji DX100 Fine Art Matte PaperWe now have a fine art matte solution for the Fujifilm Frontier-S DX100 printer!

Fujifilm DX100 Fine Art Matte Paper from Imaging Spectrum is a high quality matte coated paper with a smooth finish. It was designed and optimized for use in the Fujifilm DX100 to achieve not only excellent image quality, but also to ensure a smooth transport without jams.

Fujifilm DX100 Fine Art Matte Paper has a porous ink receiving layer optimized for the VIVIDIA inks used in the DX100 dry minilab. Thus, the prints offer an extremely high sharpness, brilliant colors and rich deep blacks. The 230gsm paper base and the matte, anti-glare surface combine to deliver prints with fine art appeal, satisfying the professional’s demands of durability and longevity. Other applications for the paper include fine art panoramas (up to 8″x39″) greeting cards and postcards, restaurant menus, portfolios, or fine art reproductions, to name but a few.

Key Features:

  • Bright White – Clear, more distinct print images.
  • Accurate Color Reproduction – Rich color reproduction range, ideally suited for wedding, portraiture and impressive landscapes.
  • Lustreless Surface – Creates unique and distinctive images.


Fine Art Matte Paper was designed for high-volume photographers, labs and fine artists printing with the Fujifilm DX100 to provide more print options that can generate additional income opportunities

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There is now a matte paper profile in the DX100 that is able to accept this high-quality fine art paper. Please ensure that the firmware for your DX100 is up to date.

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If you have any questions related to the Fujifilm DX100 printer or high output print solutions please contact us at 800-342-9294.

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