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How to Print 2×6 Photo Booth Strips with a DNP DS40 or DNP RX1 Photo Printer

DNP DS40 Photobooth Printer 2x6 strip

If you own a DNP DS40 or a DNP DSRX1 and would like to produce 2×6 strips follow this procedure. (If you don’t have one, we have plenty in stock!)

First, download and install the drivers for your printer. Download the updated drivers.

Once you have the driver loaded, here is how to set up your DSRX1 or DS40 to print two 2×6 strips:

  • Go to devices and printers
  • Right click on Printer
  • Go to Printing Preferences


  • Under Layout Click Advanced (see screen shot below)

  • Set Paper Size to PR (4×6)
  • Under Printer Features Go to 2 inch cut: and change to Enable
  • Click OK, Apply, OK and OK again

Here is the screen shot for the DS40:

Print 2x6 with DNP DS40

You should now be in business. If you have any questions please feel free to email

Happy Printing!

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