How to Upgrade Shinko S2145 Firmware Version 14

Shinko released a new firmware, version 14.xx, for its S2145 4×6/5×7/6×9 Photo Printer. The new firmware coincided with the release of a new media for the printer. You will need to install this new firmware before
using the new media. (Check out our previous post on this topic which includes a picture of the new media box.)

To upgrade the S2145 Firmware to version 14.xx:

For printers with Firmware Main 11 and higher, go here: log in and download the S2145 Firmware (Main 14.xx DSP 3.xx).  Unzip the file and save to your PC.  If you already have the printer driver installed on the PC, make sure that you exit out of the status monitor before you execute the upgrade. The status monitor is located and the bottom right corner of your screen.

Shinko S2145 Photo Printer Firmware Upgrade

Connect PC to printer with USB cable, power ON printer, open the printer door, and then double-click the S1245FWDownload.bat (windows batch file) file.

Application window pops up, and starts installing F/W.  Note:  If you have Main 10 or lower you must upgrade to Main 11 before you can upgrade to Main14.  Download the Firmware from the KG Digital download: S2145 Firmware (Main 11.03)

If you have any questions, please comment below or shoot our tech team an email.

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Hi, is there a firmware for mac?

Shinko does not write Firmware for the Mac. You will have to upgrade with a Windows computer.

If you do not Exit the status monitor it will leave your USB in the menu at 00.00 instead of 2.08 and you will not be able to print. Reinstall the firmware if this happens. Thanks to Julie for letting me know.

I tried installing the mew upgrade and di, and am sure the monitor was off and the printer open….now it will not print!!
Did I do something wrong?
What are the correct drivers for windows 7?

You can download the firmware from KG Digital here:

Can I install the new firmware and still use the “old” 4×6 media?

Yes, the new firmware is backwards compatible. We have tried it on several printers and the new firmware definitely prints on the old media. Feel free to update your printer now so it will be ready to go when you start using the new media.

Wish I could say that I have had luck with the firmware, but I am now experiencing many problems printing 2×6’s including Paper RollBack Errors abound. This is a MAJOR issue.

Anyone else experiencing this? Solution?

The Firmware upgrade does not work with the 2×6 option. Try updating your driver. If that does not work you will need to change from 1-2×6 twice to 1-4×6 cut in 2. Feel free to call 800.342.9294 if you need more assistance.

First off, I am extremely upset. I had no indication that the media change would require a firmware update that would essentially make it impossible for me to use the printer in the manner in which I bought it for. I found out there was a problem when I was at an event and was unable to operate due to this. I updated the firmware and now I cant print a single 2 x 6 and have to reconfigure everything for a 4 x 6(cut) and I do not appreciate the way this has been addressed. I updated my driver to the most current version and it still will not allow me to get back to the point of printing a single 2 x 6.

What is going on with this Firmware Upgrade!! I wasn’t aware…ribbon wouldn’t work at my event last night and now I can’t get my 2 x 6’s to print.(paper rollback everytime)..I have an event in 7 hours…and no pictures to offer…what do I have to do to get this thing to work.

STEVE!! Could you please tell me how you got the 4×6(cut) to work for you…I’ll do that if I have to rather than looking silly and cancelling a gig which has been reserved for some time.

that print option is very difficult to get to work right. I have had mixed results and sometimes it just doesn’t work. I have resorted to outputting the images as a 4 x 6 image and using my windows image viewer to print and making sure to select the 4 x 6 (cut) and making sure that the option to fit picture to frame is turned off.

Sorry for any issues with the S2145. We have tried to get the word out through our blog, Facebook page and our email blasts.
Shinko/Sinfonia tech support says the newest firmware does fix the roll back issue. Log in here:
Download and install the newest firmware:
*** New S2145 Firmware ***
New Firmware for S2145 (Main 14.xx, DSP 3.XX) (Fixed the 2×6 roll back issue)

I’m back…. So I have finally got the issue related to printing 2 x 6 photos resolved. Onto the new issue. I have had hundreds of prints each event come out blurry since I have switched to the new media. To make matters worse, one roll of film could not be recognized at all by the machine which is now useless. it kept saying incorrect ribbon. I have looked to see if the printer can be calibrated and have not had any luck. I can print 10 copies and every few or so the image is so blurry I cannot in good faith pass that to my customer. I have tried new rolls of media, cleaned my printer and nothing is working. I want to know if this new supplier is living up to the quality standards or what? can this be fixed? is there a way to calibrate? what can I do? I did not have this issue before the media switch so something has to be up? Awaiting response.

@Steve – Bill is on vacation this week. At this point I would recommend that you contact Shinko and see what they think. 800-597-4351. I will make a note for Bill to check back with you when he returns. You can also schedule a call with Thomas, Bill’s protege by calling us at 800-342-9294.

I am back from vacation. Have you been taken care of yet? Bill

I am trying to update the firmware of the Printer Shinko S2145 with the latest firmware V14 ( ). I am following these instructions and it seems that the update is not working. When I run the batch file an error is occurring by the following message, Printer Program Version Error.. USB Firmware Download Failed.

I tried Installing V11 and follow the same instructions, but still the problem persists and an error will pop up with the following message: Could not install firmware. The installer detected that the firmware which is not a standard model was installed in this printer.

My Shinko S2145 is currently installed with Firmware V10.25 and DSP version 2.01. If you could help me with this problem it will be a pleasure.

Please call our tech line at 800.342.9294. If the tech team is busy ask for a tech ticket to be started.

Hi Bill,

I still have not found a solution to the problem i have had in regards to my blurry prints. I have also encountered one ribbon that the printer would not recognize at all which has in effect made half of a box of material useless. overall i am now down about an entire box of material after all of the re-prints from blurry prints and the ribbon error and with the price i paid for it i am not very happy. No settings changed from when I first started using my printer and now. the only change was the firmware and media. I have modified my settings, designs, and anything else i could think of and no good. I have waited until now to continue my follow up on my problem to see if the problem was consistent with every roll / ribbon and have discovered it is not. I had one box of material that had maybe one or two blurry prints in the entire box and one box that almost every print was blurry.

I have had all of the same problems above. Even shipped the unit back to Kanematsu (KGdigital) to have them report it as fixed but as soon as I show up for an event it fails!!! Snapping the ink ribbon in half and feeding it through the paper rollers and out the front on 5 different occasions, or erring saying “incorrect ribbon” which it is not as I ordered this media pack from KG with the understanding it was the “new media” to be used with the new firmware. Needless to say I’m furious and have lost now over $300 in shipping the unit to be “fixed” $300 on shipping a loaner printer from another vendor, and the initial cost of the printer with ink media and paper. So a total of over $2400 for a garbage printer that cant even print 2×6 strips which is exactly what I bought it for. All i hear is “download the new firmware” which I did on the phone with Johnny from KGdigital and guess what, it didn’t fix a thing and only compounded the issues I am having. So now Im knee deep in wedding season with no printer and no way of fixing it. Clearly this new company is not doing its job and I wish I had never upgraded the firmware and should have continued to buy the old media until it all ran out. I am giving KGdigital one more chance to fix the unit with shipping at their cost, and provide with me with a loaner unit at their cost. If they are not willing to do this I will never use this piece of junk again and I will let everyone I know not to buy this unit. I cant say how disappointed I am. Don’t be fooled there is no fix for this. And you can forget about running a 2×6 print and get good results.

Steve: I sent you an email on 8/20 about this issue. Please get in touch with me at

Have you already sent your printer back in? Either way email me your serial number, print count and contact info and I will make sure it gets fixed correctly.


As I stated above the new v14 Firmware is backwards compatible with the old S2145 media. You only need the new Firmware to run both medias. All the media is made by Shinko/Sinfonia and imported by them to the US. Please follow the instructions above and go here to download the Firmware.

After reading the above I am getting nervous about my S1245. Is all the same thing in store for me? Will the media be changed etc? I just had the head replaced and firmware updated at KG in NJ last March and still have inconsistent color matching issues (print v monitor). I don’t need things to get worse! So what may the future hold for my 1245?

I’m trying to upgrade the firmware the bat file runs but the up grade fails I’m running windows 7 I have tried running the bat file in widows service pack 3 mode but still fails what next?

The version 14.xx firmware will only upgrade from either v10 or v11 firmware. If your firmware is older than that you must contact Shinko/Sinfonia support at 800.597.4351 to upgrade to v10 or v11 first.

OK, I just spent 1.5 hours with johnny from KG in NJ on the phone and new firmwire in but still have the “incorrect ribbon 2 error code” and I am runing on XP Pro, 1245 running ok but the 2145 down and out, any help would be greatly appreciated. Brand new ribbon and media in and no luck. Stranded on the beach and a shoot coming up next week….

Oh ya not to mention the computer wont even see the printer and no drivers able to install either. LMAO

Call us at 800.342.9294 and lets get a tech ticket for one of our tech team members to call you. What size media are you using? If it is 5×7 check if the supply side of the ribbon is centered on the spool.


Yes the ribbon is truly centered I will give a call, I truly appreciate it, did the other members get their printers back running?



media is 4 x 6


thanks again for all the help, I will keep you up to date

Bob Keller

I got the replacement ribbon and paper from KG installed and it fired off right away.

I will be in touch with you as I will be ordering supplies from your company in the 2nd week of July for an upcomming project where I have to lugg these printers, large birthday party and a second event at for youth sports. I will be installing the instant print software any tips on that with windows 7 environment and both printers hooked up at the same time, 1245 and 2145

Thanks again for all the support

Bob Keller

@Bob, Glad to hear about the media. Yes, please contact us about the media, we always have it in stock. As far as InstantPrint we do not support it so you will have to contact KGDigital about it. Because it auto-prints, I am not sure if you can use both at the same time.

Hey guys,
Does anybody know or had some previous experience with installing the Shinko S2145 firmware on a HiTi 710? I’m asking this because it seems that Hiti isn’t producing the printing media for the 710 printer anymore. And as i understand it Hiti will work with Shinko printing media if it has the Shinko firmware installed on it.

If anyone has some previous experience or managed to install the firmware on the Hiti, can you tell me how you managed doing it?

Thank you in advance!

Have been using the new paper and firmware for a while now. While it works, the new paper does not print nearly as quickly as the old paper. The printer will push the new paper all the way out then pull it back in during the printing process. Adds several seconds to every print. Actually had an old box of paper which made me realize just how much slower the new paper prints. No longer meets printer time specs. Has anyone else had this issue and corrected for it?

Steven, this is from the Shinko/Sinfonia US national sales manager in response to your question.
“I was told by Japan that to prevent a paper miss registration the print speed was slowed down 1 second. We have tested this on our side and found it only to be a 1 second difference as well.”

when I do the firmware update, I get an error “control error 06″. What should I do?

I installed the new firmware now i cannot oper the door on the printer and i get control error 06. I have new media but i am down and out and frustrated. What do i do

Control Error 06 is FW error. Try re-installing the Firmware. Make sure you are following the directions carefully.

Ive had my shinko s2145 for a bit over a year bought it from someone who bought it from here and recently I(not knowing there was a difference) bought old paper (4×6) and put it in my printer, I got the incorrectribbon2 error and after reading all the old post i reinstalled driver and firmware and checked my usb ver was at 02.08 and still im getting same error, incorrectribbion2 can anyone help, please and thank you

Are your paper spools white or black. What is FW Main? It should be 14.XX. Any chance you bought non US media?

the spools on the supply end are white and the other are one white one blue my fw main is 14.09 as for non us media im not sure

Your ribbon is the new media and your FW is correct. There is still a possibility the media is non US or the RFID chip in the ribbon is bad.

after i put the one i bought in and it gave me the error i put the used one in i had just taken out and it gave me the same error

the box says photo-me consumable kit for shinko chcs2145 model number 64009

oh wow i just tried my old used roll (black ends) and its “ready” the chip must be bad , thanks for your help i learned my lesson i will only buy paper from you from now on!!!!

I have problem whit my shinko s2145.In display i have”Incorrect Ribbon2″….please help!

Alek, Did you update the firmware to 14.XX. Try another ribbon also, if the RFID chip in the ribbon is bad, it will error out also.

do you have firmware 10.09

I am not sure why you would want 10.09. Please send an email to techsupport at imagingspectrum dot com and let us know. The Main 11.03 or 14.XX should give you everything you need.

hello I have a problem with my s2145 paper comes out from its base when it arrives 70 restente sheet can ready and when I asked a long series aurriez you a solution I know 250 printers?)

Hi, I’ve recently purchased a used Shinko 2145 running 8.04 Main. Neither of the firmware updates on the KGProPhoto site will update the printer, the 11.xx version says the printer has been updated to a version not recognized. Is there another version I need to update to prior, if so, where can I find a version. I haven’t purchased any ribbon/paper for the unit and am hesitant to do so not knowing if I’ll have issues with it.

Hi, I have same problem like Ziffa here. When I run the batch file an error is occurring by the following message, Printer Program Version Error.. USB Firmware Download Failed.
Any help?
Thanks in advance

Hey guys. Have any of you had any issues with the Sinfonia CS2 cutting the ribbon in half? It’s done it 3x in the last 2 events and I’m really starting to get worried. I’m currently at an event, so a prompt response would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


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