Jazz Up Darkroom Booth With Droplets by Booth Creative

Jazz Up Darkroom Booth With Droplets by Booth Creative
"While Booth Creative builds effects that work with many photo booth softwares, we find Darkroom Booth to be the best; you can easily add or change effects for awesome results" Justin Valle, Owner of Booth Creative
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We are super excited about the droplet store that Justin Valle has brought to the marketplace. The visual effects he has made available to Darkroom Booth Users brings a new level of creativity and experience for customers to enjoy. The tutorial on how to import them into Darkroom Booth is easy to follow and the process is super user-friendly. "Justin and Booth Creative take Darkroom Booth to a new level with their creative use of Photoshop droplets. Awesome job!" Wally Carnes, Darkroom Guru Check out Droplets by Booth Creative for Darkroom Booth

How to Use a Droplet in Darkroom Booth 3.0 from Justin Valle.

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