Let Your Imagination Run Wild with ChromaLuxe

Let Your Imagination Run Wild with ChromaLuxe
ChromaLuxe is Now Available at Imaging Spectrum!

You asked, and we listened! Imaging Spectrum is pleased to announce we are now a preferred vendor for ChromaLuxe. Long recognized as an industry leader in high-quality sublimation media, ChromaLuxe is a unique product that allows you to transfer photographs, graphics, and other dye sublimation printed imagery onto aluminum, steel, wood/MDF, tempered hardwood, and other paneled surfaces to create amazing art. productexample-gallery-coating04

The panels are moisture and fade resistant, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, and suitable for a broad range of applications from wall art to dry erase boards to furniture design - even tabletops and custom counters!


Because the dye ink is directly infused into the surface of the panel, worries of damage from scratches, scrapes, fingerprints, and fading are a thing of the past.

ChromaLuxe has been riding a popularity wave for several years as the on-trend metal photography media popular with interior designers, but their larger panels offer an array of attention-getting commercial signage options that can be incorporated into the architecture, billboard displays, signage, and environmental design.

See our ChromaLuxe Supplies at Imaging Spectrum if you’re looking for a print media that’s damage resistant, offers bright, saturated color with sharp detail is affordable and popular with today’s minimalist/ industrial design trendsetters, you’ve come to the right place!

Curious about ChromaLuxe? Give us a call today at 214-342-9290 and let’s get printing!

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