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Build a Full Photo Lab in a Small Space

Have you been dreaming about starting a business that offers a complete lab solution with prints ranging from smaller package photos up to a variety of large wide format selections?

This dream usually gets held back because the idea is that a large, expensive retail space is needed and the start-up costs on getting the required printing equipment is out of reach.

Don’t give up that dream!   Epson provides the perfect lab solution to get you in the door with the combination of the SureColor D1070 Professional MiniLab Printer and the SureColor Professional P8570 44” Dual-Roll Large Format Printer.  These printers are physically designed to save space and very efficient in cost and production while offering a variety of print selections from wallets to wall prints for your customers.  And all of this can be done for under $8K!

Watch the video to learn more.

Combining the Epson SureColor D1070 Mini-Lab and P8570D 44” Dual Roll Printers would be an excellent way to help give your customers a one-stop print shop experience and create a complete lab experience all for under $8K.  These printers work together perfectly with their front-facing forms and compact sizes that fit well in space-constrained rooms.  But more importantly, they match up to produce high quality photo prints at fast production speeds while maximizing your profitability.  Both printers have Wi-Fi capability and with the P8570D, you can print straight from a USB drive.  

With solutions from Epson equipment and supplies, and support from Imaging Spectrum, you can have the photo lab of your dreams. Call us today to learn more, 214-342-9290.

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