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Printer of the Month – Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S


Lots of calls are coming in about the Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S printer, so we are excited to make it the printer of the month for December. After a team review over the last few weeks what follows is some feedback from our technical test group:

Bill V. says:

The paper has a cardboard core which means a slightly smaller roll of paper but it is much more heavy duty and good for travel and shipping. Thinner media means it will fit nicer into acrylic frames and will not bulge albums as much.  

The media comes in 5×7 and 6×8.  With the new roll back the 5×7 can do 1-3.5×5 and roll back to print the other on the next print job.  The 6×8 can either do 1-6×8, or it can do 1-4×6 and roll back to do the other 4×6 on the next print.  The 6×8 can also print 2-2×6 and then roll back and print the other 2-2×6 after the next photo booth session.  The driver also will allow for a 6×6 print, perfect for the square photos from programs like Instagram.  

Although it is a new printer, it is based on the successful 70DW design so we expect it be just as durable.

Steve B. says:

The 60DW has a home “in” and “out” of the booth. For booth companies that also do traditional event photography with programs like Darkroom Core with on-site printing, this printer is an excellent choice. What I really like is you can do package printing on demand without having to change paper. This is awesome for a printer in this price range. It also brings super portability when used inside the booth where space is a premium.

Christina J. says:

I love its small footprint and it’s as cute as a peach!!!  The 6×6 print feature compliments Darkroom Booth email, with templates created for uploading to Instagram. 

Buy from Imaging Spectrum and get Free Media!

Available from Imaging Spectrum – purchase a Mitusbishi CP-K60DW-S and receive a Free box of 4×6 media. Call us to place your order, mention this promo and we will include media with your order; no paper work to fill out, no waiting on the manufacture – just 640 free 4×6 prints! If ordering online, add the CP-K60DW-S printer and one box of 6″ media (CK-K76R) to your cart and use coupon code FREEMEDIA when checking out.

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  1. Castle Ink

    January 8, 2014 - 3:31 pm

    Wow, looks like a great printer. I had no idea that Mitsubishi manufactured printers.

  2. Jackie S

    January 2, 2014 - 12:34 pm

    I am thinking about another backup printer as well… I am planning on selling my heavy Mitsubishi CP3800 (too heavy or did I say too heavy?)

    Anyway, I have to investigate this printer. I have to see if there is a photo booth software that allow you to print 4×6 and then, 5×7 without editing the image (at the event).

  3. Innah | Ink Printer Cartridges

    December 27, 2013 - 2:47 am

    I’ve been looking around to shop for a printer that I can bring along when traveling and this Mitsubishi printer seems like a great choice especially with its functions and budget-friendly price.

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