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Are You Prepared for a Photo Printer Breakdown?

Are you prepared for a photo printer breakdown? Your warranty may not be enough to save you… A common question that event photographers and photo booth owners have when buying a photo printer is “what kind of warranty does the photo printer have?” The typical answer is usually “one year”

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New Shinko – Sinfonia CS2 Now in Stock

Now In Stock – the Sinfonia (Shinko) CS2 Compact Photo Printer Sinfonia, also known as Shinko, has been building reliable, durable photo printers for years for the likes of Kodak and other kiosk manufacturers. Shinko also markets their printers as stand-alone solutions for on-site event photography, photobooth and studio applications.

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Is Mediageddon Over? Photo Printer Supply Update

For anyone that owns and/or uses a dye-sub photo printer, you are probably painfully aware of the printer supply shortages that the industry experienced throughout last year. DNP, the largest manufacturer of dye-sub printer supplies in the world was hit by a double whammy in the first quarter of 2011.

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Mitsubishi Adds 2×6 Functionality to CP-D70DW and CP-D707DW Photo Printers

Attention Photobooth operators and event photographers – Mitsubishi now has the firmware and driver update available for multi-cut (2×6) functionality for the CP-D70DW and CP-D707DW photo printers. If you own one of these printers and would like this feature set you will need to call Mitsubishi Tech Support (toll free

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