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Matt’s knack for the use of inkjet applications including proofing, promotional goods and signage came from the advertising world, where he managed the print and broadcast accounts for several key corporate accounts. Over 20 years at Imaging Spectrum, his experience has broadened in the print industry and now heads up the inkjet team in providing thorough solutions for printing opportunities across several platforms.

Epson SureColor P9570 Review: The Next Generation of Wide-Format Printing for Creative Professionals

Creative business owners rejoice! With more than 20 years of perfecting printing technology, Epson launched one of the most advanced printers to date in October 2019: the SureColor P9570.  Created for the high-performance and variety of professional photographer and graphic design needs, this is one of the best wide-format printers

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Why You Should Buy Your Printer: How Small Businesses Can Get the Best Printer for Their Investment

There is a whirlwind of classic debates that people just can’t resist chatting about. Pizza with or without pineapple? Is it pronounced “gif” or “jif?” Star Wars or Star Trek?  In the business world, the long-standing debate is whether your small business should lease or buy a printer. It’s no

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