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R Series Printing on Fabric Gives You More Output Options

The Epson R-series printer is all about versatility. 

Yes, this printer can handle traditional print media such as banners, adhesive vinyl and other sign applications that the Epson S-series Eco-Solvent printer can tackle. But did you know that it can also print onto specialty media such as fabrics?

Fabric materials consisting of canvas, coated, non-coated, woven and even some adhesive-type materials can be printed directly with the Epson R-series printer to create textile products such as interior décor items and soft signage. With the resin based ink technology and three-tier heating system, the R-series accurately manages the curing of the inks to create low cured temperatures which allows you to expand your printing versatility! In addition to fabrics, you can also print on specialty medias such as wallpaper and thin gift wrapping as well. So instead of saying no to those special job requests, with the Epson R-series printer you can say yes and watch your business grow!

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Matt’s knack for the use of inkjet applications including proofing, promotional goods and signage came from the advertising world, where he managed the print and broadcast accounts for several key corporate accounts. Over 20 years at Imaging Spectrum, his experience has broadened in the print industry and now heads up the inkjet team in providing thorough solutions for printing opportunities across several platforms.


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