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DTG Owners Join the Fight to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

In this difficult time, each and every one of us can help slow the spread of this terrible virus through the many means suggested by health professionals. And you are in a unique position to help even more by using your DTG capabilities to produce protective face masks that can also be a fashion statement.  

Masks of any kind are extremely hard to find and DIY instructions are not practical for everyone, especially those who continue to work. We have the instructions from the CDC for building a variety of cloth masks. There is a pattern to sew a mask together as well as no-sew instructions using a bandanna or cloth napkin or other material you have on hand. However, those are all either generic designs or just plain fabric. We have put together a few basic templates with custom graphics and cut guides to help get your creativity going. Whether you offer these masks as custom for-sale items or as donations, you are leveraging your business capabilities to help in a fight that effects quite literally everyone in the world. Companies might want branded masks to distribute to their employees who are still reporting to work or church organizations might want to brand masks to distribute within congregations or the community. There is an endless list of possible uses, but not many are able to provide the custom touch to personal safety that you can!

Instructions from the CDC: DIY-cloth-face-covering-instructions

Here are blank templates to drop into the editing app of your choice

10×6-cloth-mask-template (PDF)
10×6-cloth-mask-template (PNG)

Here are a few ideas with graphics that are ready to print. If you’re using an F2100, these will print on any color fabric.

Animal Faces

Anime Smiles

Fancy Seamless Pattern

wolf image

Snow Wolf


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If you need supplies, Imaging Spectrum is fully operating (with all safety considerations in place) as an essential business.  So any orders will be processed and shipped right away.

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As always, we are here to answer your questions or to just chat, 214-342-9290 or

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