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Epson Brighter Futures Program Savings Today!

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NEW!  K-12 and higher education institutions now quality for preferred Brighter Futures pricing on Epson P- Series printers.  Following the success of the Brighter Futures T-Series program, Epson introduces special discounted  pricing on the Epson SureColor® P800, P5000, P6000, and P8000 printers.  The Epson SureColor P-Series printers deliver top of the line printing performance for photography, fine art reproduction, signage, CAD, digital art, wall coverings, and other applications.  Ranging in size from 17” – 44” wide, these printers earn an A+ for beautiful prints and easy maintenance.

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 Regular Price  Brighter Futures
Educational Pricing
SCP800_HO_HIGH_CLOSED SCP800SE 17″ $1,195 $895
 SC_P5000_LT_ANG_2 SCP5000SE 17″ $1,795 $1,495
SCP6000SE 24″ $2,495 $1,996
SCP8000SE 44″ $4,175 $3,226

The Brighter Futures program is designed to provide special savings on Epson products that support education markets.  Brighter Futures SureColor P-Series pricing may be offered to a qualified education institution who purchase for their use.  Authorized re-sellers must purchase eligible products through approved distribution partners to take advantage of the discount.


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