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How to Remove Paper Scraps from your Photo Printer

Is your photo booth printer jamming? Are you having paper cutter issues at your event? Did you empty the paper shards before you transported your printer from your last wedding or activation? What is a paper shard you ask Рthese are the little strips of paper that your printer trims off the edges of your prints to make the prints full bleed or edge to edge. These paper scraps, or shards as we affectionately call them, can become a pesky nuisance if not removed from your printer before transporting. If you or one of your assistants moved the printer without emptying the shards and you are having printer problems, you probably have a stray shard. In this video, our master tech Herb will show you techniques for removing paper shards from your photo printer. While Herb uses a Brava 21 for demonstration, the steps in this video, with some exceptions, can be used for all dye sub printers.  Use the tools shown in the video to help you out in a crisis.  Getting back up and running quickly will show your client how great you are under pressure and they will recommend you to friends.


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