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Output Options for Your Photo Booth

There has never been a wider range of output options for your photo booth.

Many are surprised when they discover just how many options there are. In some cases these options may be a good way to differentiate your booth from others in the marketplace. They also give you the opportunity to upsell a format.

The most common output format today for photo booths is 2×6 and 4×6. Without a doubt, most template companies, booth builders and printer manufacturers have made these 2 sizes the standard for the industry. EVERYONE has it and differentiation in print format is difficult.

So lets review some cool ways to deliver UNIQUE visual impact to your clients! These will undoubtedly open some opportunities for additional revenue streams for your booth. And, all of these output options are supported by Darkroom templates

perf-6x8-compare-smallThe 2×8 Strip

Available for the Brava 21 and DNP DS40, DNP 620 and the DNP DS-RX1 the 6×8 double perforated media kits produce 3 strips per prints. Each strip is 2×8 and at 10 cents a strip they are well worth the extra pennies. Need extra room for a tear-off coupon and/or corporate branding graphics? Then perforated tear and share media for you.

The Sticker Print

For the Brava 21, this re-positionable media is unique and reasonably priced. Available in 2×6, 4×6 and 6×8 sizes.

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The 4×4 and 2×4 Print

This perforated paper for the DNP DS40 printer produces a 4×4 and 2×4 from a single 4×6 sheet. If you are wanting a square format for your photo with extra room for branding or coupon generation, this will do the job.

The BIG STRIP : 4×12 and 8×16

Having grown to be one of the most popular printers in the event market, the Fuji DX100 is in a league all its own. Having a higher quality print than dye sub, it is also fast and has a very low cost per print. It’s a larger printer, but unrivaled with quality and ability to print everything from 4” to jumbo photo booth strips all in one machine.

Trading Squares: 2×2

So here is something truly different! With the DNP DS40, DNP DS-RX1/RX1HS and the DNP DS-620 you can combine a 6×8 perforated print with a 2×6 cut to enable your printer to produce 12 count 2×2 prints per sheet! What a fun party favor! You can build a unique template to include graphic designs for each 2×2. Trading Squares are a simple way to make your booth experience truly unique. This format is also a great way to add coupons, branding elements and other creative visual elements to your creative toolbox.

Steve has over 30 years of professional imaging industry experience and is Sales Manager at Imaging Spectrum.


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