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5 Tips for Troubleshooting Your Epson Printer

This article was updated July 28, 2016.

Epson Stylus Pro 4900Every large format printer/ printmaker has to deal with the occasional unusable print.  No matter how good your color management workflow is, there’s always the potential for something to go wrong.  Here’s a brief list of things to check if your print turns out to be not quite what you were expecting.

Incorrect ICC profile – probably the easiest thing to overlook and one of the most important to get right.  Make sure you’re using the proper profile for your paper type.

Clogged nozzle – clogged (or empty) nozzles will result in a very bizarrely colored or banded print.  Even if you don’t think you’re using that particular color in a print, you probably are, and losing that channel will produce a (most likely) unusable print.  Run a nozzle check even if you don’t think you may have a clog issue.  The small amount of ink expended in a nozzle check or cleaning is far less than the cost of trashing and reprinting an image on nice paper or canvas.

Monitor calibration off – Sometimes the printer is printing exactly what it’s supposed to, but you have no idea because your monitor isn’t properly calibrated.  If your monitor is off, all your color correction skills are for naught.  Ultimately, the proof is in what comes out of your printer.

Print on the wrong side of the paper – sounds silly but a very easy mistake to make if you’re not paying attention and running a bunch of sheets at a time.

Epson Stylus Pro Printer Ink BayPhoto/ matte black ink – certain media, like all resin coated or luster paper, can only be printed with photo black ink.  If you accidentally use matte black on a non compatible paper, you will be left with a soggy streaky mess that never dries.  Thankfully, the newest generation of Epson printers have made it much harder to make this mistake.

Hopefully, this list will help you troubleshoot and quickly identify a problem.  If you’re still having problems or can’t resolve the issue, you can always contact Imaging Spectrum for fast, friendly technical support.  Happy printing!

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