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Protect Your Printer Investment with a New Billy Bag

Do you transport your dye-sub printer from one event to another? If so you might want to consider a padded case to protect it. Imaging Spectrum is now offering a new and improved carrying case. We call it the Billy Bag, named after our fearless Tech Support Guru – “Big Bad Bill” V. The new Billy Bag is Bigger, Thicker, Badder! Featuring 1″ of padding (instead of 3/4″) this case is proudly made in the USA – and  yet we are able to sell it at the same price as our previous case – only $129 and it is only available from Imaging Spectrum.

The Billy Bag is strong enough to carry 250 lbs. (we tested it by carrying Bill around the office in it) and will comfortably fit a printer and media. The dimensions are 20.5″ w x 12″ H x 15.5″ D. We tried a couple of packing scenarios:

HiTi P510L, 2 Rolls of Paper and 2 Ribbons – 43 lbs. Printer only 35 lbs. (picture 1)

DNP DS-RX1, 1 Case of Media – 54 lbs. Printer only 39 lbs. (picture 2)

The Billy Bag easily carries the following printers:

Brava 21DNP DS40, DNP DS80, DNP DS RX1, DNP SL10 Snap Lab

Sony UPCX1, Sony UPC10L Snap Lab

HiTi P510L, HiTi P510S

Shinko/Sinfonia CS2

Mitsubishi CPD70DW, CPD707DW

Get a Billy Bag today and protect your dye-sub printer.

Photo Printer Carrying Case
Picture 1
Photo Printer Carrying Case from Imaging Spectrum
Picture 2
Marketing guy at Imaging Spectrum


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