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Adjusting the Color and Density on the DNP DS40, DS80 and DSRX1

DNP DS40 DNP DS80If you want to make color or density changes to your prints on a DNP DS40, DNP DS80 or the DNP DSRX1 here are the steps to make them:

Any changes you make must be made in two areas in the driver for it to work.

  • Go to the DSXX Properties.
  • Click on Advanced tab.
  • On the bottom left, click printing defaults…
  • Click Option tab, click on ICM & Driver (M) and click apply
  • Click Color Adjustment tab Make corrections and Click Apply and then OK

This will take you back to DSXX PropertiesDNP DSRX1 Photo Printer

  • Click on General tab
  • In General tab click on Printing Preferences (In Windows 7 it is only called Preferences)
  • Click Option tab, click on ICM & Driver (M) and click apply
  • Click Color Adjustment tab Make corrections and Click Apply and then OK
  • Click OK in DSXX Properties

Please note that you may need to restart the computer to have the changes take effect.

Click here to download a PDF of these instructions to copy to your computer or laptop for future reference.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy Printing!

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Bill Vahrenkamp, Cr.Photog., leads technical operations at Imaging Spectrum.


  1. George

    July 18, 2018 - 7:57 pm

    Not sure if this will help you all but this is what I’ve done to correct this problem with my business. I use all Apple computers and edit my pictures in Adobe Photo shop, LightRoom or Image Capture. In Photoshop,I had to open preferences and go to the general tab and set my color picker to ( Apple ). Now all my pictures print out great. When printing from the Lightroom program, I had to adjust my contrast,highlights and temp. Then I made this a preset that I use when printing. When using the Image Capture program,that came with my Mac, I print directly from the preview image. Nikon is the camera that I use the most, but I have both Nikon and Canon. Hope that this will be of some help to you. “ROLL TIDE”

  2. desmond

    November 26, 2015 - 12:49 pm

    I have the perfect screen to print result using the icc profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1. which i think is the default colorspace of the internet.

    The red tint using DNP ds40 icc is horrible and the color adjustment is just not working.

  3. Bill Vahrenkamp

    November 23, 2015 - 10:14 am

    Please contact our tech support for a tech ticket. They will also ask for a scan or good photo to be emailed so we can see it.

  4. Chandra

    November 20, 2015 - 6:03 pm

    I now have two DS40 printers for my printing needs. Unfortunately my newest printer prints lines the prints, no matter how many times I clean it. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Rupak

    May 21, 2015 - 12:35 pm

    my prb is when i print 4×6 print is coming red can you help me pls

  6. Kingsley

    May 15, 2015 - 4:40 am

    My DS40 Printer is printing blank without any image…Pls wat shd i do?

  7. Kingsley

    May 14, 2015 - 6:20 am

    My DS40 Printer is not printing blank. pls, what do i do?


  8. Firdaus

    May 7, 2015 - 2:12 pm

    My DS-RX 1 is too red in skin tone…please help how to fix that…

  9. Monika

    April 21, 2015 - 3:20 pm

    My dnp DS 80 prints pictures with dominant red color. Also colors yellow or orange are strong and reddish. What should I do to fix the problem? I contacted dnp service already, installed the newest drivers but it does not change anything. What would be your suggestion in this situation?
    Another problem I had, printer took more ink tape that paper while printing. So I have entire roll of paper left and no ink:/

  10. Roger Cotton

    February 6, 2015 - 1:00 pm

    Thanks for the great tip, Matthew. I don’t have Photoshop installed on the laptop that I use for on-site printing, so I don’t have the Wide Gamut color profile. But I did find DonRGB4 which worked well. He also has BestRGB which is similar to Adobe’s Wide Gamut.

    Once installed, I tweaked the color settings a little, and BAM … prints match my laptop screen.

    I always had problems with color matching at school dances because we’re practically in the dark and with dance and DJ lights rather than true lighting. So I did a dummy setup today under real lights and dialed it in. Now I know it’s right, even if it looks strange under the dance lights.

  11. mm

    Eric Woodchek

    February 5, 2015 - 9:00 am

    @Matthew – thanks for the tip!

  12. Matthew Bernier

    February 4, 2015 - 10:17 pm

    I have finally figured out how to set up the color profile so that this prints true to what you see on your monitor.
    This has worked perfectly for me where my printer was printing too much red, and the gold’s were slightly green.

    Junk the DNP ICC profiles. They may be able to make a great printer, but they can’t color match to save their lives.

    Go to Color Management, and Add a new Profile for your DSXX printer. Choose “Wide Gamut RGB” then mark that as the default profile

    After doing this set your print options/properties in the additional “Option” tab to be ICM & Driver.
    Make the Advanced tab be “ICM Handled by Host.”

    Last step is to do some color adjustments
    My settings are as follows:
    R -9
    G -9
    B -4
    RGB 2
    R -2
    G -2
    B 1

    Save these settings, and enjoy your awesome prints!

  13. vartan

    January 28, 2015 - 4:48 am

    how to set up my color correction help plz

  14. vartan

    January 28, 2015 - 4:47 am

    plz help my all photos are red and giving all the setup like cartoon imagines

  15. Bill Vahrenkamp

    October 30, 2014 - 9:52 am

    If you are a customer of ISI call for a tech ticket. I have 2 DS40 printers and I can tell a huge difference between the old and and new ICC profile.

  16. george charalambous

    October 29, 2014 - 3:11 pm

    (, sorry this is my fisrt message.. )Hi, i gave tried everything above and also tried using the newest icc profile… stil nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! losing money, clients and confidants in this product… why doesn’t it print true color?? i have a photo of a baby nice and bright clear which colorful bokeh, when i print its darker in the background the the face is warmer,…. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. george charalambous

    October 29, 2014 - 3:10 pm

    i havnt tried using the dnp ds40 icc profile…scared to try incase i mess up my printer… any suggestions? anyone tried this and seen it work?

    regards george

  18. Tony Huang

    October 25, 2014 - 8:26 pm

    I got a same problem as Nicolas, please help.

  19. Bill

    October 19, 2014 - 7:34 pm

    Nicolas, are you using the newest ICC profile?
    If your prints are changing color from one photo to the next I doubt it is the profile, driver or printer. That sounds like exposure. If you are using Auto anything; ISO, f-stop, shutter speed and especially color balance you need lock them in and keep consistent exposures. I have also seen bad, inconsistent light cause issues also.
    Call ISO Monday and get a tech ticket. I will get you our sample print. That is the best thing to color correct a printer with.

  20. Nicolas

    October 19, 2014 - 12:51 pm

    I have the DS RX1, and I tell you what I just almost smash it into the wall, that high red color tone on the images is really driving me crazy! I don’t know what to do, it cost me a lot I print already like 300 4×6 photos just trying to get the perfect color set-up !

    And the funny of this is if you get a close true color, from the image, and if you open another image and print it with the same set-up from the last image that was almost perfect and then the other printout will be a nightmare again! I realise you have to start all over again with every single images in different color adjustments!! this is insane! I think I wanna a beer take a sit and relax my mind for a few hours before I do something crazy with the printer! ok kind of extreme but just distressing me a bit for the rest of the day!

    I think my only solution would be buy another printer but no from DNP, the thing is I was using my RX1 for event and also in my pass photo department so any recommendation? what about the: Sinfonia Shinko Color Stream CS2 (CHC-S6145) ?? it look pretty much for my needs and lightweight.

    hope somebody can solve this issue in the red color tone!

  21. Simon

    August 2, 2014 - 2:18 am

    I have a RX1 and the only issue I am having is the whites are blown out on the prints but not on the screen, other than that it prints out perfectly. does anyone know how to adjust the white blow out issue

  22. Sean K.

    March 7, 2014 - 4:40 pm

    I work for an office that made a purchase of 3 of the DS80s. All 3 of them have the same issue it seems like everyone in this comments feed is having: too much red. Our office uses 4 different Macbook Pros, and all four have the same issue with all 3 DS80 printers – so, it’s an obvious assumption that the issue is with the printer/its driver/printing materials.

    I have spent many hours on the phone with DNP techs and none have been able to resolve the issue. Today, I was on the phone for half an hour with a tech who walked me through something called CUPS – where I open a web browser and type in an IP address and get options to modify the default settings for the printer driver. I adjusted the REDS, the contrast, and the saturation – and (even when adjusted to the max settings of -10) there was no difference in the prints produced.

    The only “solution” I’ve found is to use some good old-fashioned Kentucky Windage – whenever I get a photo edited properly and I’m ready to print; I create a new Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, choose the Red channel, drop the Saturation to -15 and bump the brightness to around +5. The image will likely look flat or muted on the computer screen, but print it and the image should look closer to what you originally produced on the computer. You can make subtle adjustments to contrast and additional adjustments to the Reds and/or the yellows to get the final desired result.

    I know this is totally the wrong answer – for as much money as we have all dumped into the purchase of one (or 3!) of these printers, we should not be dealing with this issue. It’s unacceptable and bad business on the part of DNP.

    If anyone in this feed would like to discuss the issues we are all sharing, or if anyone has some other insight, feel free to contact me >

  23. Terry

    January 30, 2014 - 1:30 pm

    I have the DS40 I continue to have the problems of decreased density or duller shade, not true skin tones.Adjustments in the windows (Breeze software) does not seem to change results. I printed the same picture at Walgreens. It was perfect. I am using a grey scale and color chart to adjust my Cannon and the color results with the light meter are perfect. Not the camera or the photographer. Nothing really works. I am ready to buy the DS80 but would like a solution to this color issue. Otherwise the printer operates flawlessly and quick.

  24. Jenny

    January 6, 2014 - 6:58 pm


    I’ve noticed the same problem with my RX1 also, same as Alysha but not with just pink colors. This is happening on all my prints. On a landscape photo, the ink will display normally until about an inch from the top of the print, then the ink starts to fade ever so slightly. Why would this be happening?


  25. Bill

    September 14, 2013 - 9:41 am

    Two printers having the exact same problem is usually not the printer. Can you scan two photos, one from each printer and email to techsupport (at) imagingspectrum (dot) com?

  26. Alysha

    September 14, 2013 - 12:14 am

    Both of my DNP RX1 printers are having an issue printing pink colors. It will print the 4×6 great at the beginning and towards the end it will fade the color out to a very light edge. Is this a common problem?

  27. Bill Vahrenkamp

    July 30, 2013 - 4:24 pm

    What is not loading? The media? Please feel free to send an email to techsupport @

  28. GYAN

    July 30, 2013 - 10:44 am

    my dnp rx1 not loading i followed all instruction carefully

  29. Bill Vahrenkamp

    June 3, 2013 - 9:40 am

    Are the photos and text orange or just the photos? Please send a scan of a photo to techsupport at so we can have a look.

  30. David

    June 3, 2013 - 7:43 am

    So last night my printer was printing blue and yellow just fine and about half way through my photo booth the yellow turned to orange. Please tell me why this would happen.

  31. Bill

    May 8, 2013 - 9:50 am

    Please email me at techsupport at and let me send you our test photo. Print it out and mail it back to me and let me have a look.

  32. Kevin

    May 5, 2013 - 12:03 am

    This issue with TOO RED, is driving me nuts. Have followed all the steps listed here. Nothing works.
    I can understand a slight color change between my DS40 and DS80. But the differances are light night and day.
    Skin tones off. Whites have tint of red. I do not know what to do????

  33. Kevin

    April 25, 2013 - 5:26 am

    I am having a problem with both my DS40’s and DS80’s printing too much red. Have adjusted the color, and or returned to default settings. No change.

  34. stu shapiro

    March 29, 2013 - 10:29 am

    So i have been speaking to asia, Singapore head office about why my printer and other peoples new RX1 arent printing true colour. Our screen are calibrated and other printers print it correctly.

    No matter how blue you make the camera white balance to compensate or no matter what ICC profile or colour management you put on it WONT PRINT TRUE COLOUR!

    WHY? The manufactures have changed the chemicals in the paper so they told me, not sure if this is public yet but its been driving me mad and affecting my income. They are 70% complete with the fix to compensate for the heat difference in the paper, but who knows how long that 30% to complete the fix will take.

    I spoke to them again this week and they said its confidential and they dont ahve a time frame for the profile that may fix the issue. sometime this year. thats not ok.

    i bought my rx1 in dec 2012.

  35. Eric

    March 8, 2013 - 2:12 pm

    So I just tried this and for some reason the settings are still not being applied. I actually adjusted the slider to the extreme right hoping for an obvious change, but I didn’t see any. Hopefully there’s a fix for this. Thanks

  36. Eric

    March 8, 2013 - 10:42 am


    I’m having similar issues with DNP RX-1. I haven’t tried changing the setting in both places, will try it later and will keep you posted.

    In the meantime, did you guys had any luck changing the color tone issue with this solution?


  37. Bill Vahrenkamp

    December 3, 2012 - 1:51 pm

    Please feel free to call us and start a tech ticket for a tech team member to log on to your computer.
    As far as a tethered camera, you did not mention what camera, software or OS so I cannot totally answer your question. But usually when a camera is no longer seen by the computer, a on/off of the camera and sometimes a software only restart reconnects it.

  38. Marilyn

    December 3, 2012 - 8:38 am

    Ok… Including myself, owner of the DS40 in question, 2 professional photographers, an engineer, an intepreneur troubleshooter, and a computer whiz. …all studied the instructions to adjust the color on the DS40. It remains unadjusted.
    We’ve also been living with another little glitch unnecessarily. When the camera becomes undetected … We were instructed we would have to completely shutdown and restart the computer in order for the computer to recognize the camera again. This takes an enormous amount of time …way too much when you have a waiting time of over an hour as it is. There is another way. Much faster. Much better. Much easier.

  39. Bill Vahrenkamp

    October 31, 2012 - 10:07 am

    Did you use the corrections above on your RX1? They are the same between the DS40, DS80 and RX1. Please feel free to call for a tech ticket. 800.342.9294.

  40. Aileen

    October 31, 2012 - 12:52 am

    I have the DNP RX1 model and having a similar color issue as Mike. The printed images are a lot warmer in tone/color than the actual digital image. For example, white colors look more yellow. Was there a specific resolution to this problem? Thanks in advance!

  41. Bill Vahrenkamp

    June 27, 2012 - 10:29 am

    Did you set the changes in both places and restart? Please feel free to call our tech line at 800.342.9294 and we can assist you more.

  42. Mike

    June 27, 2012 - 12:11 am

    I have some little problem to print a photo from DS80.
    My printer print the picture in darker colors than I made from camera. For example, if I made a portrait in naturally colors with light green background, my printer gave me picture with very yellow face and more dark green background. I know, I need to try adjust colors in preferences but after I did that nothing happened and I just use a lot of photo papers. Please help me to dissolve this problem. Thank you in advance.

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