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Maverick Helicopters uses Mitsubishi Printers to deliver high end Photos

Maverick Helicopters Mitsubishi Photo Imaging

When most people think of Vegas, they think of the famous phrase, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.  While that might be true with most things in Vegas, there are still a few things you can do in Sin City that you actually might want to show people a picture of when you get back.  One of those is a tour with Maverick Helicopters.  Maverick Helicopters offers helicopter tours of Las Vegas, the Southern Las Vegas Valley, and the Grand Canyon.

When you arrive at Maverick Helicopters you are escorted to your helicopter.  It is then, when you and your group will get your picture taken in front of your ECO-Star helicopter.  These helicopters offer luxurious seating and a bird’s eye view of some of the most dramatic scenery in the United States.   Tours range anywhere from 15 minutes to 9.5 hours (hotel to hotel).  The Grand Canyon Landing tour is not one to miss.  You will get some breathtaking views of Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, and the Grand Canyon.  The highlight of the trip is landing in the Grand Canyon.  Seeing the Grand Canyon from the air as well as the ground makes it an adventure rather than a tour.

When you get back, you have an opportunity to purchase the group picture.   The pictures are printed on the latest dye sublimation printers from Mitsubishi.  Using the Mitsubishi CP9810DW printers, Maverick is able to deliver fast, photo quality prints in as little as 16 seconds.  Just like everything else Maverick Helicopters does, the take home photograph is a high end product.  The speed, quality, and durability of the Mitsubishi printers is what keeps Maverick Helicopters from switching to any other printer.

For more information on Maverick Helicopters, please visit their website.
For more information on Mitsubishi Photo Printer Solutions from Imaging Spectrum, click here.

Matt heads up the inkjet team at Imaging Spectrum

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  1. Gene X Hwang/Orange Photography

    May 24, 2011 - 5:36 pm

    I flew with these guys when I was covering an event for a magazine and they did a great job. The pilots and helicopters were the best I’ve flown in/with and I did see the prints available upon return and wondered what they used (but didn’t have time to chat unfortunately). Great company!

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