Event Photography

Understanding “Square”Print Options for Photo Booths

We get a lot of calls concerning photo output options and we routinely educate people on what is available in the current line up of printers. These discussions sometimes cover a wide array of mediums, such as stickers, magnets, etc. Sometimes the customer is researching solutions for a client or they are exploring options. However, […]

The Seven Best Printers to Complete Your Photobooth

The seven best printers to complete your photo booth? The question of what is the best printer for my photo booth is a popular topic that is always up for heated discussion in photo booth forums and chat boards. Depending on your booth design and many other factors, the opinions and responses can be quite […]

Fuji Frontier DX100 Drylab Printer Overview

Now that our staff has had some time with the new Fuji Frontier DX100 DryLab Photo Printer we wanted to share some of our impressions. There has been a “hole” in the market for years that was left by the discontinuance of the Kodak ML500 high-speed multi-head dye-sub printer. No product satisfied this niche, at […]

Photo Booth Printer and Free Media Promotion

One of our most popular printers for photo booths and on-site event photography printing the Mitsubishi CP-K60DW Photo Printer now includes a free box of 4×6 media! Call us to place your order and we will include a free box of 4×6 media with your order; no paper work to fill out, no waiting on […]

New Social Media Sized Photo Printer Paper

Instagram this – we now have a social media sized (i.e. square) photo print paper available for the DNP DS 40 Photo Printer. Check it out – this new media is 4×6 but it is perforated in order to print a 4×4 instagram sized print with a 2×4 tear-away strip for photos or a marketing […]

10 Things to do with the Brava 21 Photo Sticker Printer

The long awaited Brava 21 photo sticker printer has landed in the Imaging Spectrum warehouse. Keep in mind this printer is “dual purpose”, you can print on sticker and photo paper. Now is the time to be a “step ahead” of your competition, be the first in your area to take it to the next […]