Event Photography

Location Printing & Photo Booths – Super 1 Day Photo Workshops

These days, everyone wants it now, coffee, food, entertainment, buying online and getting your order delivered to the house. We don’t want to wait for anything and we love conveniences. Photography is no different. Yes, not everything can be done at the speed people want, but if you are a progressive photographer offering a variety […]

A New Breed of Event Photography Meets the Photo Booth Industry

One of the things we like here at Imaging Spectrum is seeing customers use our products in new and creative ways – sometimes in ways we would never even imagine. This month we chose the team at Snap Yourself! as they have gone big with the Brava Printer sticker media and the new greenscreen features […]

Free Travel Case and Media with Mitsubishi Photo Printer Order!

Don’t miss this sweet deal! Order a Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S or a Mitsubishi CP-D70DW Photo printer and receive one of our popular travel cases and a box of media free of charge. This is a $300 value. Our travel case, also known as the “Billy Bag” provides protection for your printer when moving from event to […]

Kodak 9810 Trade-in Program Save 30%

Attention Kodak 9810 Users Trade in your Kodak 9810 and save on your operating costs. The cost per print on the Sinfonia S1245 is only $0.88 compared to $1.25 on the Kodak. That’s a savings of 30% per print! Purchase a refurbished Sinfonia S1245 dye sublimation printer and a roll of media for only $399 when […]

Understanding “Square”Print Options for Photo Booths

We get a lot of calls concerning photo output options and we routinely educate people on what is available in the current line up of printers. These discussions sometimes cover a wide array of mediums, such as stickers, magnets, etc. Sometimes the customer is researching solutions for a client or they are exploring options. However, […]

The Seven Best Printers to Complete Your Photobooth

The seven best printers to complete your photo booth? The question of what is the best printer for my photo booth is a popular topic that is always up for heated discussion in photo booth forums and chat boards. Depending on your booth design and many other factors, the opinions and responses can be quite […]