The New Sinfonia CS2 Photo Printer – A First Look

Our first day with the CS2.Sinfonia Shinko CS2 Photo Printer


There is plenty to say about the new Sinfonia CS2 photo printer as it quickly gains in popularity with photo booth owners. This new printer has a nice small footprint!  Love it! This is the smallest professional photo booth printer on the market. It is about the same width as the discontinued Sony UPCX1, is one inch shorter in depth and several inches shorter in height.  This printer is a solid replacement for those with photo booths that were designed for the size of the UPCX1.  The Sinfonia CS2 printer weighs 22 lbs.

The Sinfonia CS2 photo printer  is easy to load and will produce 300 4×6 prints per roll, 2 rolls per case.  Cost is $0.16 per 4×6.  It prints a 4×6 in about 11 seconds, start to finish (our actual print time was a few seconds longer, but still plenty fast for a photo booth workflow). We give it high marks for output quality too.

The color looks great. Flesh to neutral color balances look outstanding. Shadow and highlight details are good. The paper is robust and feels thicker than some more expensive models.

If you are looking for a lightweight printer with a small footprint for your photo booth, this one is a winner!!! Two thumbs up! And BONUS, Sinfonia has included a 30 day, fully functional, free trial of Darkroom Software – the printer can pay for itself with one event.

Please contact Steve or Bill to discuss compatibility with your current photo booth and software. 800-342-9294

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We got one, and we love it! Just waiting for the drives to be released so it will cut the 4×6 into two strips!

I can’t wait for this to hit the market. I can’t believe a dye sub finally less than 25 lbs. I have the mitsubishi cp3800 (I guess I will be selling that) and pick up one of these light weight printers!

Thank you Sinfonia! I wish you all the best with this printer.

I just received my Sinfonia CS2, and I love it. It has exceeded my expectations. Its affordable, great quality, compact, and just awesome. The prints it produces are amazing, great enough for my event photo business. Makes for fast on-site printing. Also having a trial for darkroom is a bonus. One event, and everything pays for itself.
Thank You Imaging Spectrum and Sinfonia for the great customer Service and for an excellent product!

Hello, Im having hard time reading any updated review or question/answer column.

This will work with windows 8, correct? Will it now cut the 4 x6 into 2 strips? If I do not like the print quality, can I send it back with full refund? Can you direct me to a post with updated reviews on this product?

Thank You


Yes, Windows 8 is ok. Yes, it cuts 2×6 strips.
Instead of buying the printer to find out if you like print quality, just send a file to us to print and we can send you a sample print before you buy. Please check our website for updated information.
Please call us to request a sample print. We will need your business info to get the prints to you.
Call 800-342-9294

Thanks again.

Steve B
Imaging Spectrum

I’m having the same problem where my 2×6 is not being cut, so the print is 4×6, what am I setting up wrong? Currently using social booth software.


If you bought the printer from us, we would be happy to help check your setting on the printer. Your driver will have to be set correctly to work. If that does not fix the issue then you would obviously have a problem with your software. Feel free to contact us for printer support if you bought the printer from us.

Steve B
Imaging Spectrum

Second time my paper came apart while at an event
Put in new roll worked for about 2 hours and then gives error and separates from film it was installed correctly both times!
Any suggestions?


Thanks for the note. Please contact Imaging Spectrum so we can have our tech get to work on this. Your printer issue could be a few things. We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can get to work on figuring out what is wrong.


Steve B
Imaging Spectrum

I now had the CS2 for about a one year +. Yes, I forgot to put up my unboxing. I will put up a video using this in my photo booth.

I love this printer and the guest is giggled-up on how fast the image pops out. The quality is not high but it’s great and looks good. It’s important to make sure the image pop! The naked eye can’t tell (but most photographers can, like me).

I love this printer and will probably wait for the next one to come out. At 22 lbs, it’s fabulous and easy to work with(easy to carry/transport).

I am wondering, with this printer, can you not print a 4×6 print instead of a photo strip?


It does, 2×6, 4×6, 5×7 and 6×8.
The 5×7 and 6×8 each have their own media kit.
The 2×6 is made with a 4×6 kit where the printer cuts the 4×6 into 2 2×6 strips.

Thanks again.


I recently purchased the SINFONIA CS2, with DSLRBOOTH program to run a photo booth business and after a few sessions, my computer will tell me to update sinfonia driver. I then have to reinstall the driver on my computer and then it would work again. What could be the issue? has anyone else have this problem?


If you bought the Sinfonia from Imaging Spectrum, you can call us to check the driver. Have not seen that issue before.


Steve B

I’ve had a CS2 for about a year now. I’ve only run about 8 rolls of paper through it. So, it has not been used much. I’m having serious problems with it. We finally had to shut down at a wedding last night. On 3 occasions, including last night, it has torn the ink ribbon. It printed strips with color streaks and had a paper jam. In the end, the attendant could not get it up and running again, so he had to shut down early. I’m hoping there are service options. If it is a design flaw of the printer then I wasted $700.

This prints WAY to dark. How do I adjust settings? I waste so much paper just trying to get the color right. It looks good on my screen, but then prints so dark sometimes I can barely see the people in the photo. I paid a lot for this printer – too much to be having these kind of issues.


Where did you buy the printer? I would suggest calling the dealer or to get it resolved. Your issue could be many things, however, it would not be a design flaw.



Density issues in your final print is most likely not having anything to do with the printer. I would suggest contacting your dealer or to resolve the issue. You would also want to check your software settings.
If you do believe your printer is the source of the problem, I might suggest making sure your firmware and driver are up to date.


I bought a CS2 in July and after about 175 prints the paper started fusing with the ink ribbon and tearing it. Imaging Spectrum suggested that I send it in for manufacture repair as it was under warranty. After having my printer for about 2 weeks I was told that chassis was bent about 3 inches and cost was $375.00 to get my printer back. Now when I sent the printer in there was no noticeable dents,bend or nothing! I am distressed because I’m out $375.00 plus shipping and print borders are off!! Help!!

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